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The Streaming Category Is Increasingly Decentralizing

Consumer content confusion is real. More and more services are entering the streaming space and it is becoming harder and harder to answer the simple question "How Can I Watch ___?" 

Traditional TV Providers

VOD/OTT Services

Streaming Services

Live Streaming Providers


(And these are just a handful!)

Showpa aims to be the guide to content accessibility and aggregation, not only making discovery of your favorite movies and shows significantly easier but also allowing for a single stream of curated content based on a user's streaming accounts.

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Showpa aggregates the content catalogs of all major streaming services and cleanly presents a singular view of all available TV shows and movies (pane 1).

Users can filter by the content type, streaming provider, and genre to quickly see a curated view based on their interests and access (pane 2).

Those who create an account can get even more custom. By indicating the streaming services you have access to and genres you prefer, Showpa can ensure that your customized discovery page only lists content available to you and prioritizes the shows and movies you want to see (pane 3). 

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The search function allows users to quickly pinpoint where specific content is located, easily answering the question "How do I watch _____?" (pane 1).

Auto-fill and recommendations help speed up the process, especially for those hard to spell titles (pane 2).

The show results page shows a user where they can stream the content, where it can be rented online, and when it will be airing next on live TV (if applicable). Services the user already has access to (based on their profile inputs) are listed first and all available options link directly to the web page (pane 3).

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Business Inquiries

For partnership opportunities or general business inquiries, please use the form to reach us and we'll be in touch very soon.


If you'd be interested in using the service, please follow us on social media for updates. We'll also be regularly sharing out major releases of shows and movies coming to major services to help keep confusion at a minimum.

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